Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practice 5

“This is David and Elizabeth and there are going to get a warm up there were just in there on their way to warm up”.When there got there but there didn't know what it was but had a go every way there found out what happened and think it was a head for your mounth.

There went home and someone lost their key to the house to Elizabeth called David and ask David have you seen my keys to my house and he “said where was the last place you had them and she said under my seat at the jeum and David said to Elizabeth” then you have to go back and go and get them a just pick me up and we will go there at 9 because we went to jeum at 5 so just pick me up.She said i have to pick you up now OK see you soon.

after she puck up David there went sharat to the jeum and thin she look under the seat and their there were just sitting under the seat and thein she went home unlock the house and thein she said to David Thank you David for helping me get in to my house and I will see you tomorrow in jeum class again and tell me after jeum class if i have my key to my house again place. Today was a big day for me and David and we will g to jeum tomorrow do that thing again and go dsack the next day and next and next.The next day was awesome and some people do forget the keys at some point she can to in some point good she didn’t forget her keys on Monday Good Luck again.

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