Friday, 29 November 2013

Cultural day

“YAH” It is the 22 November and the seniors were going to each others classes to see what they had learnt about the countries they were studying.

We had Cultural day and we collaborated our cultural day in our senior Mass.
We had kids in the class who went up to the altar to put Flags up there with with Eucharist.  The kids from our class were Vaine, Petra,Faleaka and Rosrine.

Cultural day  is all about different countries and we talked about them and did research about the countries.

In the hall we had a cultural dance, the class and the groups danced together. My class did a cultural dance, our one was a Samba with a boy and a girl. Some people in my class were asking if we were next because they just wanted to go and do the Samba.. .
Each class had to go in order. The first class was
Room 7 the next class was Room 3, then Room 6, their one was awesome.
Room 7 had a very good presentation and I liked Spain the best out of Room 7.  I liked how they presented their presentations not using their netbooks.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Term 4 typing test

In the first Term we did our Typing test this is all my highs in typing test.
Our class has done this for almost a year we love ten fast fingers.

Comparing Communion of Saints.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Touch Training

What I am looking forward to is to be participating in the Kiwi Sport the Kiwi Sport we are going to do is Touch Training to meet the coach.

What I am expecting is to have fun with other people and like the coach.

For Kiwi Sport this term we are learning how to play Touch.

I will see a lot of balls hanging around a lot of places like in a bag or some other places around that field.

Touch will be going on for 3 weeks and each day we are going to be learning other Touch skills.

At the end we are going to have a tournament with the whole school with the Touch Training.

The Touch NZ coaches are coming to help us learn for the tournament.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Communion of Saints

St Patrick

St Patrick

Film Festival 2013

We had a film festival at Sylvia Park in the Hoyts movies.
On November the whole school went to the Film Festival that was on 13 November 2013. This was the Manaiakalani film festival and there was over 3000 children in the Manaiakalani Cluster and there was 2 theatres that all the children had to go too.

The Manaiakalani Film Festival has been going on for 6 years.

The Schools that came to the Manaiakalani film festival were St Pius X Catholic School, St Patricks, Glen Innes Primary, Panmure Bridge, Pt England, Tamaki Primary and Sommerville. There was 10 Schools and 62 movies to watch.

There was a little girl and she was 5 years old and she was so cute and she got up and told everyone what her classes movie was about, that was so cute!!!

When the first class come it was room 3 from St Pius X School. When the Presenters came up the St Pius X School students were all cheering for Patrick and Alicea.

The kinds of songs that were used in the movies were Katy Perry ”Roar”,  “We will rock you”,  Willy wonka chocolate and the song that was made by Rm 7 students called “Friends”. Some of the movies we watched were in slow motion and in fast forward, that was cool how they did that.

Some children were so excited to see the movie, when we got to theatre. Patrick and Alicia were nervous when it was time to go on.

My favorite thing was when Room 6 from St Pius X School did that thing on the stairs, that was so funny and how Mr Slade was doing his act when he said “thats what happens when you don’t listen”.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Someone who Inspires Me?

This is Tiffany and she is 11 years old and she Inspires me because she taught me how to sing and now she is in Kapa Haka.
She goes up north and she goes to perform up north. She comes in town to do performances too.

Tiffany taught me how to sing because when she heard me singing at my Birthday, after my bithtday she taught me how to sing.

The next year I told her something that would make her happy, I told my sister that I was in a kapa haka group and she was so happy for me to make it in a kapa haka group that she taught me some moves before I went to school to go and learn some kapa haka.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Prompt Practice 5

“This is David and Elizabeth and there are going to get a warm up there were just in there on their way to warm up”.When there got there but there didn't know what it was but had a go every way there found out what happened and think it was a head for your mounth.

There went home and someone lost their key to the house to Elizabeth called David and ask David have you seen my keys to my house and he “said where was the last place you had them and she said under my seat at the jeum and David said to Elizabeth” then you have to go back and go and get them a just pick me up and we will go there at 9 because we went to jeum at 5 so just pick me up.She said i have to pick you up now OK see you soon.

after she puck up David there went sharat to the jeum and thin she look under the seat and their there were just sitting under the seat and thein she went home unlock the house and thein she said to David Thank you David for helping me get in to my house and I will see you tomorrow in jeum class again and tell me after jeum class if i have my key to my house again place. Today was a big day for me and David and we will g to jeum tomorrow do that thing again and go dsack the next day and next and next.The next day was awesome and some people do forget the keys at some point she can to in some point good she didn’t forget her keys on Monday Good Luck again.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practice 4

One mourning/morning there was a girl named Emma and she was going into the forest and there was a monkey named Rayray and he was a wild animal and he was naughty. Emma was so sad for him so she called the Zoo to take the animal to a safe place to hold the animal till when he or she is older and she or he can go out in the wild to all their friends. This monkey was so scared he would not come out of the cage, he had to stay there for about three days and they had to give some food to him.

Emma thought again she would take the animal and take him to her place and let the animal live with her for only two weeks and then she had to take the monkey back. The animal thought that Emma place was so cool he would like to come back to her place and see her again some other bay but he said to him that he would come back next week and for 2 week.

The monkey was so happy because he looked out side and he sow/saw Emma getting ready to take him to her house and play some games with him. She liked that she would take him and maybe at least she should cemp/keep him for her whole life.

The next year Emma and the monkey's new name Happy Time sile/still hast/hadn't gone back to the Zoo. She still loved Happy Time and she still had Happy Time her whole life.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Prompt Practise 2

At the Beach there went to play in the water there show this cowm on the saed but all i  can see was a lot of undeales on the saed.There was some people just wearing some clothes and just sitting there and just reading some books but at all there had a great time and the beach.After a little time there had some lunch there had something there brote from home there ate had a little time and then went swimming again.

There was something all’s about this when we went there
it was that there was a vou and the was house at the top of the hill and at you could see is homes house and a big gap at the top when you were going down, and the sea on the other side was just the sea it was so pretty when you can see the sea just going back and forward.