Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Prompt Practice 4

One mourning/morning there was a girl named Emma and she was going into the forest and there was a monkey named Rayray and he was a wild animal and he was naughty. Emma was so sad for him so she called the Zoo to take the animal to a safe place to hold the animal till when he or she is older and she or he can go out in the wild to all their friends. This monkey was so scared he would not come out of the cage, he had to stay there for about three days and they had to give some food to him.

Emma thought again she would take the animal and take him to her place and let the animal live with her for only two weeks and then she had to take the monkey back. The animal thought that Emma place was so cool he would like to come back to her place and see her again some other bay but he said to him that he would come back next week and for 2 week.

The monkey was so happy because he looked out side and he sow/saw Emma getting ready to take him to her house and play some games with him. She liked that she would take him and maybe at least she should cemp/keep him for her whole life.

The next year Emma and the monkey's new name Happy Time sile/still hast/hadn't gone back to the Zoo. She still loved Happy Time and she still had Happy Time her whole life.

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  1. Stephanie you have the basics of a narrative here. Just make sure that you add description to your writing and use more punctuation.