Friday, 29 November 2013

Cultural day

“YAH” It is the 22 November and the seniors were going to each others classes to see what they had learnt about the countries they were studying.

We had Cultural day and we collaborated our cultural day in our senior Mass.
We had kids in the class who went up to the altar to put Flags up there with with Eucharist.  The kids from our class were Vaine, Petra,Faleaka and Rosrine.

Cultural day  is all about different countries and we talked about them and did research about the countries.

In the hall we had a cultural dance, the class and the groups danced together. My class did a cultural dance, our one was a Samba with a boy and a girl. Some people in my class were asking if we were next because they just wanted to go and do the Samba.. .
Each class had to go in order. The first class was
Room 7 the next class was Room 3, then Room 6, their one was awesome.
Room 7 had a very good presentation and I liked Spain the best out of Room 7.  I liked how they presented their presentations not using their netbooks.

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