Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kids 4 Kids

“On a lovely day it was time for the best day in the whole year it was the Kids for Kids concert and it was going to be awesome.

It was Friday the thirteenth and the concert was at the Life Convention Centre, Mangere, it is the best place I have ever been to. It was very cool and awesome, my friends loved it there too.

Some of our families were coming to the kids for kids concert and our families were very proud of all of us. My mum and Nana and brother and sisters (I mean my whole family) was very proud of me that I was on stage
What we were doing there was helping all those people in the world that need food and need some care in their country and those people that are going to die in their country and help those in need.

We all got their by all of our Sisters and our Brothers and all of our family members some of us got picked up from the teachers. It was hot up on the stage it was hot up there because of all the lights were just hot up there we were all told to take off our jumpers  at the back stage. Some of our families and friends were all Laughing and Cheering for all of us some of us were very very happy and some of us were very sad and some of us were scared to go on to the stage.
Did I tell you late when we went back stage some of the children were very very noice at the back stage me and the girls were just playing some games I told you about those children were very noice.
That night we were wearing bright clothes and we were not allowed to wear some high heels last year someone told me late someone wearing some high heels.When we were up on the sage Miss G saw me and we were so happy to see miss G there and to se us to perform on that stage with all of our other friends.
Some of all of the teachers were there with all of us and wish us all good luck on the stage tonight and we will be so so good tonight.There people that came to the Kids 4 Kids those people were Anna-lise,.Faleaka,Joanna,Paul, Seuati ,Rosalina,Tokilupe,     Kanesini Manu those were the people that come to the Kids 4 Kids and that night we all had fun.
When we were up on the stage all of the teachers were all saying hello to all of us when we were going to perform on the Kids 4 Kids on stage.

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