Friday, 27 September 2013

Duffy Theatre

“Yippy! It’s Monday the 23rd of September 2013 and The Duffy Theatre came to St Pius X Catholic School today.” Everyone was excited after morning tea because we were going to watch the show and it was in our school hall.

All the students sat up in the hall and listened to Duffy and his friends talk about reading books and we experienced acting.

Those people that were in the story was Duffy and Scruffy they were the brothers in the Story. Afi was friends with Duffy that was Duffys only friend in the School.  When Duffy and Scruffy were running around and around their house they could not find them both. Duffy came to us and said have you seen my brother scruffy. There was a battle in Duffy’s bedroom.  Duffy said what are you doing in my bedroom you are not allowed but the evil person battled with Duffy.  Vortrag took all of Duffys ideas and words and the next day it was school and at school it was for everyone to do a things at school.
When Duffy got up in the morning he had some breakfast he had wet dicks for breakfast he had to put sugar in his but he took the wrong he took the solet.And when he was on the bus he did something in the bus like with his breakfast like that.But at the design Miss Lovely came and batod and miss Lovely had won that battle that she was doing just how she wanted to do in her would.

How I felt about the Duffy Theatre well like always like me but this time i was so happy to see that there had a handshake because i said that because handshakes mean friend and brothers there very very close to one and other.

My favorite thing in the Duffy

theatre was when Duffy and Scruffy in the beginning.They were trying to find them doth and that was so so funny.

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