Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Catholic School's Day

On Catholic School day we had mass with St Joseph’s and also we had lunch with them too.  After lunch it was time for the concert to show our talents for the Catholic School’s Day. All of the people from St Joseph’s and St Pius X School had to be friends with each other.

Catholic School’s Day was very cool it was fun, my new friend was so cool to play with. St Joseph’s and St Pius X School  had lots of talent which they showed off at the concert in the afternoon.

St Joseph’s and  St Pius X school made a lot of friends on Catholic school day. I think Catholic School’s Day is very nice to celebrate with another school.

In the church St Joseph and St Pius X School  talked about stories about Jesus. They sat really quietly and listened to the whole story just like me.

When Mass ended I talked to some of the students at St Joseph’s school they were really polite to me. The bell rang and I went and played with a lot of friends, we played tiggy and rock climbed, it was so fun and AWESOME!!

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